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  1. One for G.F. Newman. I’m one from the same vintage. Thing most of your work is gggreat, BUT The Corrupt on radio 4 is a credit to ALL involved in the production, it really took me back to those days of fun and madness. In the sixties I was an apprentice telecomms engineer in The Smoke and we had many approaches from the ‘smudgie’ (not quite clean) society to do things to telephones (and exchanges) that were not be above board and sometimes a long way below it! Very scarry people, unscrupulous, evil, self obsessed and disproportionately large egos; they were also serious about hurting people for almost any reason.

    Strongly agree with your comments regarding the police force; Why black uniforms?; Great idea to clothe them in pink so we law abiding citizens can see them, at the present they are making themselves unapproachable by their appearance and behavior and the most stupid thing of all is that they do’nt seem to realize it!
    Keep up the good work.

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