GFNewman writes television and films, as well as novels and stage plays. Challenging power-bases, going where few dare to look.


GFNewman is a writer who concerns himself with critical issues that affect everyone. His main concern is how humankind treats the 'other nations'. The violence done to them in food production and to develop drugs is rebounding on humans. He believes unless such concerns are addressed, there won't be an existence worth living. The clock is ticking.

GFNewman writes television and films, as well as novels and stage plays. Challenging power-bases, going where few dare to look. His latest novel, Dark Heart, takes on the Catholic Church and Big Oil.

GFNewman has written a dozen + novels; 27 feature-length teleplays for the show he created and produced, Judge John Deed; he wrote the original quartet of feature-length teleplays, Law and Order and the award-winning two-part drama The Healer; stage plays for the Royal Court Theatre and a feature film, Number One. And recently a screenplay, No Way Back for Lin Pictures. He has recently broadcast the first 20X45minutes eps of his epic 60-part radio drama, GF Newman's The Corrupted, BBC Radio4's biggest ever drama commission, from his 'fictional' history of crime novel, The Corrupted

GFNewman is producing two feature films, Flowers For Mrs Harris from the Paul Gallico novel, about a 50s charlady who wants a Dior dress; Change of Heart about a man in a coma who 'out of body' argues his case against his heart being removed for transplant; and a ten-part serial for television Out of the Dark from a memoir set during WW2, a love-story that transcends the concentration camps. He is creating a new television series, Judgement, about a female judge who is a sexual obsessive.